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This directory features new and reliable information on moneylenders along with objective reviews, to help Singaporeans maximize their savings based on good financial decisions. With this information, you will learn about:

Fast and dependable loan applications via licensed money lenders

Any licensed money lender featured here is and verified and licensed by the Singapore Registry of Moneylenders. Relying on unverified sources could lead you to less qualified moneylenders and even illegal loan sharks. Such dealings could bring about financing difficulties for you and the inconvenience of legal issues with Singapore’s local authorities.

Interest rate and administration fee comparisons

Not every legal money lender offers the same rate of interest as others. Most will offer differing loan rates, loan periods, and administrative conditions, so you should contact a few for rate comparisons before taking up any loans. Our directory provides useful reviews of credible licensed money lenders, to spare you the time and trouble of searching among the hundreds of licensed money lenders in Singapore.

Personal Information Privacy and Protection

We appreciate the need to safeguard the privacy of sensitive personal information. You can be sure that whenever you enter personal details at our site, the records will be kept safe and secure. We would never disclose such information without your consent.

The Benefits of Using a Legal Moneylender

Among the reasons why licensed moneylenders are widespread in Singapore is that they service loans as efficiently as possible. The benefits of relying on these credible moneylenders would include:

  • Fast Approval: You could submit a loan application today and then be receiving the funds within 24 hours upon approval. The great advantage of using qualified money lenders is that you could do the loan process online and in comfort while at home.
  • Licensing: Dealing with licensed moneylenders assures that those you are working with are officially registered and have government authorization to offer financial assistance. As well, their staff and services are qualified to be professional as well as trustworthy. You can readily check whether a firm is registered as they will have their license displayed atop their site page, for all prospective clients to view.
  • Loans to borrowers with poor credit: Most banks will not lend to applicants with poor credit due to their questionable history. Money lenders are more willing to take on the risks of assisting such people in meeting their obligations and repaying debts.
  • Affordable rates of interest: Legal moneylenders offer the best rates in the Singapore market. You will be choosing among moneylenders with affordable interest rates. On our site, you can establish the loan amount to be paid back with interest, using the provided site tools. This lets you work out the amounts to be repaid by the end of the proposed loan periods.
  • Flexible repayment schedules: Money lenders are always ready to help people steady their finances. They would customize loan products while considering payment periods that borrowers would be comfortable in a meeting. This allows borrowers to plan their finances accordingly.