Singa Credit Pte Ltd

Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Name: Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Long Description:

A loan provider that prioritizes financial convenience above anything else, Singa Credit Pte Ltd is the best credit establishment who is always willing to help. We know your concerns, and we know where you are coming from. No two loans will ever be the same, and we understand that every individual would have their own needs over the other. Previously known as Yong Seng Credit, we are sure of our commitment to become a responsible lender.

It is our purpose to ensure that we build bridges that would help people transition through their needs. We have developed a culture of integrity that makes our name easy to take to the bank. We help our clients shape their future to the best of our abilities. As a fully licensed company, we follow the rules of Singapore law. We aspire to be the best, and we will ensure that we do so with open arms. We want to give our clients the financial freedom they all deserve.

Address: 470, North Bridge Road, #02-01, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735
Licence No.: 130/2018