Renovation Loan


With your new home ready for you, you’re likely wondering how to make it better.

If you’re like many new homeowners in Singapore, a renovation would be your next priority. Though it’s likely that your purchasing of a new unit has sapped your finances, you might still wish to tailor things to support your lifestyle.

Whichever upgrades you might be into, you should pay attention to the costs involved. Fortunately, the financial market has developed helpful means for Singapore residents who are looking to revamp their living spaces for a customized feel.

Whether you are seeking to redo a new house or wish to revamp an old one, a home upgrade loan from a licensed moneylender can serve you well. An established lender like our company can quickly help you fund key improvements to your nice new property.

Using A Quick Renovation Loan For Upgrading Your Home

Home renovation financing enables you to revamp as you please. You could turn an otherwise ordinary unit into an exciting space for living big. With the extra loan funds, you’ll be able to carry out all kinds of major renovations, such as plumbing and electrical, interior repainting, floor installations, rooftop remodeling, bath and kitchen remodeling, new furniture, and so on.

A further reason to spring for a loan is that such home upgrades when completed will increase your property’s value. A makeover done well will also render better comfort and functional efficiency in your daily life. These improvements will reflect in increased valuations down the road. Also, a renovation loan is usually more affordable than a personal loan, and this lower cost is a good reason to leverage it for such projects.

How To Apply for Fast Approval Renovation Loans In Singapore

The process of applying for renovation loans has become easier, as the majority of lenders now provide online applications for convenience. To avoid needless delay, do follow these guidelines:

Identify the key issues as early as you can: Ensure that you know everything that needs to be reworked at your property, which makes it much easier for contractors to respond with quotes based on your full plans.

Rely on certified contractors: Certified contractors are required by lenders to give formal quotations for any proposed work. They are can also afford you a more objective overview of the projects you intend to undertake. Professional quotes are important for budgeting towards applications for fast financing, where the need to suddenly arise.

Recognize the requirements: To qualify, you must be a citizen or other permanent resident of Singapore. You must also be at least 21 years old. Further requirements will involve proof of ownership for the property, proof of income for borrowers who are salaried or self-employed, NRIC documents including copies, as well as CPF and NOA documentation.

Take the time to study what each separate lender requires, to qualify for renovation loans on your first attempt to apply with each firm. You can always apply with us to get the best home financing assistance you need.

Qualifying Providers of Renovation Loans Singapore

What’s there not to like about a fully furnished home with soothing lighting, glistening hardwood floors, tiled baths, French-style windows, cement wall screens, and all-around illumination? The one thing most Singaporeans go for would be an opportunity to own their own home and enhance it nicely. The appeal of owning a house is in being able to renovate it according to your sense of style. But this freedom will cost you a bit.

For if you faced the same homeowner issues as many do, you are likely to have struggled to place a down payment for a mortgage. Most buyers wait years before moving into a newer house, only to discover that yet more funding is needed to customize the place as they truly desire. Were it you, applying that personal should transform the new unit into the home of your dreams.

Renovation Loans Are A Blessing

From recent reports, renovating a new Singaporean residence can involve from $10,000 to $100,000 in costs, and at times far more. If you’re in this situation, you probably don’t have as much money as you’d like for doing the job properly. This would be the time when a home upgrade loan can be of use.

Such loans are versatile as these will afford you the chance to undertake all types of repairs and improvements, including new floor installations, bath and kitchen remodeling, redesigned exterior and interior decor, improved plumbing and lighting, and other physical improvements.

Finding Good Providers of Renovation Loans

There are many competing lenders, so it‘s vital for you to look around and compare services in detail. You should consider the following aspects when looking for a reliable provider of renovation loans:

Licensing: Prospective lenders should be registered by the Ministry of Law (like our company) and with a license. This assures you that their offerings are legitimate, that you can always seek redress in the event you are dissatisfied with their services.

Industry standing: Check the history of lenders by looking up testimonials and reviews on them. Seek referrals and get some recommendations from your friends and family.

Loan offerings: Look for lenders who would customize and can immediately approve flexible, low-interest renovation loans that suit your plans.

Service quality: Established lenders have highly trained financing experts who are qualified to counsel you about various types of home loans. Look for an online loan application process that’s simple to understand and easy to do.

If you need a recognized provider of home renovation loans in Singapore, you can’t do better than to apply to our company, for we offer all these advantages and more. Contact us, and we’ll quickly tailor you a loan that will help you upgrade your home to a whole new level.