Personal Loan

personal loan

Secure Urgently Needed Cash With Personal Loans

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that qualified persons in Singapore can put to personal use. Citizens of Singapore with regular employment or commercial income, or foreigners who are authorized to work and live in the state, can qualify for such. Also, you have to be older than 21 years to meet the legal requirements for taking up personal loans.

As a public credit institution, we have been lending for years. Our loan services that are always ready to meet your immediate needs for additional funding. As personal loans have no security attached, their interest rates are usually higher than those for secured loans, including auto and mortgage financing.

Personal loans are mostly a short-run means of funding urgent needs that bring sudden financial obligations. Were you to undergo emergencies where extra funds are badly needed; these offer an excellent option. Borrowers are immediately given the funds the moment the necessary documentation has been completed and approval granted, with the loan agreement signed by both parties.

Our company advises borrowers to take on only the amount of debt needed to meet a specific requirement. It is always best to make full repayment with larger installments as soon as you can. This ensures that your debt will clear up quickly while your debt service ratio frees up for further future borrowings.

Learn the Financing Process

Personal loans are normally unsecured, so it is vital that we evaluate your finances to see if you can repay loans with no issue. We will assist you in planning a proper repayment schedule that lessens your repayment burdens.

Our experts will check for proof of employment in your employment contract as regards your salary. You will also need to submit your two latest payslips and also bank statements, that we may assess your personal earnings against expenses and arrive at your debt servicing ratio. This process helps us to establish the amount we can lend you, as well as how the amount can be fully repaid on time.

Borrowers with no salaries to present, as with entrepreneurs and others who rely on commissions for their livelihood, will need to submit their two latest income tax returns. From there, our experts will compute their average monthly income, to determine the amount that we can lend them as well as how to make repayments on schedule.

Should your credit profile be poor, we will assist you in securing credit, on condition that your existing financial condition can still support repayment of personal loans.

Borrowers who have been declared bankrupt before can apply for a personal loan after each previous creditor has provided a discharge letter. Our flexible terms are the basis for why our facilities are better than those of traditional banking and other credit firms, who are known to compel previously bankrupt persons to delay 5-7 years before re-applying for credit. That said, we would not extend you additional credit were it to exceed your capacity to make repayment.

Where Personal Loans are Useful

Personal financing is most useful in bailing out people in high-risk situations, including medical and personal emergencies, wherein legal problems are certain to follow should payments be delayed. In these cases, you are best off not applying for more funds that are required, though you may qualify for them.

As always, you should never borrow to finance games of chance that include betting, gambling, trading in speculative investments, and other questionable schemes. If you are fortunate to see excess funds remaining, it would be best for you to partially settle the outstanding loan amount in bulk, in place of spending the excess unwisely.

We recommend that you do not acquire too much credit all at once, to maximize the chances of securing the amount of financing you need.

Is your Banking Credit Profile A Problem for Loans?

If you are grappling with tight finances because of a low credit profile, you can still fill out an application for a non-obligation personal loan, and we will process it quickly.

Were you then to apply for personal financing from a bank; chances are you will be turned away with such a bad credit profile. Our company offers highly competitive interest rates on the loan products we offer, so you have the opportunity to save on borrowing costs for personal loans from us.

We understand how tricky these situations can get Our awareness of such problems is what compelled us to package flexible personal loans, especially for clients who need to improve poor credit profiles. We‘re among the most well-known moneylenders in Singapore and offer some of the lowest rates of interest. Our long experience in financing has made us an all-in-one provider of personal loans.

We offer superior personal financing to salaried borrowers for meeting all sorts of unexpected financial obligations. Our web-based finance application will make it easy for you to have a loan application assessed within that same day.

Our experts are highly trained to explain financing terms while guiding you toward improving your current financial situation. When any loan has been repaid, it will positively reflect on your personal credit rating, giving you access to more funding in the future.

Anyone can be subject to personal emergencies and having a solid financial provider to depend on can be a great advantage.

Fast Cash Tides You Through Urgent Problems

There may have been days when you faced a financially demanding yet risky need, for which you had no source of funds that you could call on quickly. With today’s high living standards, the average Singaporean’s savings is not what it used to be. Though your income might seem nice, it may not be enough to you through the worst that life can bring.

Such times can be rather stressful, especially when you find you cannot rely on family and friends who may also be sorting out their economic issues. Where to secure cash quickly and with little hassle? You can try our licensed moneylending services, for we are one of the best and most established providers of personal loans.

A Licensed Moneylender Will Help You Get Cash Quickly

Licensed moneylenders are legally mandated to provide easier credit in comparison to banks and other large lenders. But, not all firms who present themselves as moneylenders will have the qualification and means to loan fast cash. You should check the credentials of the lender before you apply for a loan.

Our registered status with Singapore’s Ministry of Law can be viewed online. The license number will prove our company to be a legitimate moneylender that can help you understand and handle a financial crisis.

We can quickly provide you with the cash you need once the necessary documentation has been completed. Our streamlined application process enables clients to approach us promptly during crises.

Contact A Licensed Moneylender

You should approach a licensed moneylender who can best service your borrowing needs. Various aspects must be carefully considered, including interest cost, further overhead expenses, repayment schedules, and other loan conditions and terms.

As a qualified moneylender, we have very competitive interest rates for every financial product we offer, which will help you save on borrowing costs. Our policy is not to entice you with amazingly low interest rates, only to impose a ton of hidden charges later on that would leave you with repayment burdens.

We strive to be a trustworthy business. We would never undo the reputation we have carefully established through the years, by letting our clients down in their times of need. You can rely on our company to deliver the service level you expect.

Where to start about borrowing

If you’re urgently seeking a cash loan, you need to determine the actual funding you require. This amount is computed from the planned cost of the necessity for which you are borrowing funds, as well as all other overhead expenses, or else from an estimation arrived at in close consultation with expert advisors.

The planning process is necessary to ensure that you will not end up borrowing less than what is needed, for otherwise, you would need to find some other way to fund the difference. Likewise, you should not borrow more than is needed, for it is likely that you will spend the excess on non-essentials and thereby incur added financing costs when such was never necessary.

When you realize this, you can readily determine if you can draw the full loanable amount. If you are already servicing a heavy debt load, you might not have the means to acquire the entire amount. This explains why it is always prudent to lower your debt service burden as much as possible.

Preparing Loan Documents

A fast cash loan is often needed to deal with an urgent issue when the time is short. To ensure that the loan application proceeds fast and smoothly, you should call us early on for advice on which types of documents would be required for processing the loan.

In this manner, as you proceed with the application, all documentation will be available for verification, which means you will be securing quick approval once everything is satisfactory. What we will require would depend on your earnings stream and on whether you have Singaporean citizenship.

Our company stores all information you provide according to the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity. We do not instruct clients to upload their personal documents through our online site. You would await a call from a customer service representative, who would then invite you over to the office to complete the necessary paperwork, which ensures the account holder will be ready to receive the documents.

Service You Can Rely On

You can rely on our services to be there for you as we always remain available for consultation, whatever the problem. Once you approach us, we will move to offer you timely and customized financing that can resolve your immediate problem.

When people go through a spot of financial trouble, they may resort to quick solutions. In such times, researching what financial assistance is available will be key to making a wise decision. A reputable lending firm will normally offer you a secured or a non-secured loan.

With a secured loan, the lender will require collateral to finance a borrower. In this case, a borrower can secure plentiful funds using his personal assets as a form of collateral. Conversely, an unsecured loan does not require collateral for release. Documents showing proof of income along with bank statements will be all that’s usually required.

What You Need To Know Regarding Personal Loans

Our strength lies in our being available to assist with your financial requirements when they arise. For when you need to pay off debts, purchase properties, set up businesses, or meet everyday needs, we will have helpful loans on offer.

A further issue that concerns many borrowers would be the amount of interest that accrues towards loan repayment. Various financial institutions and moneylenders will offer different interest rates. Repayment typically involves installments that are flexibly scheduled, based on the capacity of the borrower to make full repayment. Look not only for low-interest rates but also repayment options with comfortable terms.

You should always try to secure financing from a qualified lender. Licensed moneylenders know how to provide professional services that cater to the economic needs of various clients. These licenses are only assigned to lending institutions that can provide suitable financing to borrowers of all kinds so that you can rely on their counsel and expertise in financing.

If you are undergoing financial or personal crises, it’s likely that you are laboring under a cloud of questionable credit history. You may not readily qualify for borrowings from a bank or other lending institution, if so. The advantage of borrowing from a licensed moneylender like us is that we can take risks in offering you loans for recovering your credit profile.

There may be cases when you might have applied for more funding than was needed. Our trained experts will counsel you on the loan that best fits your needs, along with the steps that must be followed to avert a rollover state. As licensed financial advisers, our experts will have the training to assess your income and expenditures while offering you counsel on how to best manage your personal finances.